Ever wonder what it’d be like to work in a place that has Waffle Wednesdays and random nerf war competitions?

You might think those kind of places only exist in the movies.

Think again. We’re not your typical stuffy mortgage company. We’re anti-corporate drama, no gossip or ladders here. We work hard, enjoy life, and love the people we serve.

About You: You LOVE people. You love being social and fun, have a burning desire to help people, are extremely client oriented, and highly motivated. You develop deep and meaningful rapport with those you serve and work with and you know how to keep people on track. You look for ways to make the process of getting stuff done easier and more efficient. You believe you can be the best at almost everything you do, and can prove it. You don’t need hand holding and know that you can handle anything thrown at you. You find joy in locating the “i’s” that need dotting and “t’s” desperate for crossing. You believe the Mac computer is better than sliced bread and you are excited to learn more efficient ways to use it.  Most importantly, you eat, sleep, and breathe our values listed here:


About The Position: We’re a mortgage company and you’re going to be owner’s right hand person. You will be the customer’s point of contact before, during, and after the loan process.  If you get joy from being the glue that holds everything together in the office, this position is for you.


One of your main daily jobs will be to manage our client pipeline (which is the most important job in the office). You’ll work hand-in-hand with our clients, Realtors, CPA’s, Insurance Agents, and a multitude of others involved in the mortgage process, to keep them all on track in order for the customer to get a mortgage with the least bit of inconvenience. This position is a heavy balance of both phone and computer demands, we use various industry specific programs that you’ll need to become proficient with. Most of your day will be spent inputting, analyzing, and gathering documents electronically, initiating requests for documents and following up to ensure the correct information is returned, and managing this process for a multitude of customers at various steps in the mortgage process, all at the same time. Your ability to stay focused on the task at hand while keeping tabs of other time sensitive details, answering multiple emails, answering calls, and occasionally greeting a customer “drop-in” at the office will be crucial to achieving success for our clients.  Your love of people will prove useful in making the mortgage process smooth, informative, and seamless for all involved, all with a “can do” attitude. Oh, and making waffles at our quarterly Waffle Wednesday event is must!

Here’s What to Do Next: Don’t send a resume. Instead, if you feel you fit the bill, follow the steps below and let’s see if working together is a great fit for the both of us.

We’re not looking for the typical candidate that can say all of the right things. In fact, saying all of the “right” things will probably get you disqualified from this position. We’re not looking for you to fit a cookie-cutter mold so just be open and honest and, most importantly, be yourself. We’re looking for genuine responses from people that align with our core values.

  1. Email to tross@therossgroup.com your recent five year employment history, 24 month compensation goals, along with three references (references will be contacted)
  2. Include in your email a link to a video you created answering four or more of the following questions: (video to be between 2-3:30 minutes in length)

-Describe the color yellow to somebody who is blind

-Core Value(s) from The Ross Group you will need to work on

-Recent awesome customer experience you received

-Recent customer experience that created pain for you

-Tell me something about your last job, other than money, that would have inspired you to keep working there

-What smartphone app is used most on your phone, why?

-What have you done professionally that you succeeded at, but isn’t an experience you’d want to repeat?

-Is it better to be perfect and late, or good and on time?

-Tell me about a time you screwed up

  1. Include in your email the written answer to the following question, If you got hired, loved everything about this job, and are paid the salary you asked for, what kind of offer from another company would you consider?

All emails, with above requirements, will be answered. Candidates selected for the next round will participate in a phone and in person interview with non employees of the company.

Final process will be to interview with the owner of the company.

We are aiming to fill this position on or before October 15, 2016.