Here are some useful tools and links for your reference.

Quick Mortgage Calculator


Helpful Tools

Budget Beyond the Application – Before you jump headlong into the process of buying or refinancing a home, check out the real costs and compare your lifestyle expenses with a mortgage and without one. Can you handle it?

Dream With Us – How long until you can be mortgage free? What would it take to be mortgage free by 60? 50? 40? Insert the age you want to be when you are mortgage free and find out.

Steps to a Smooth Closing – How can you help make the loan process easier. Check out our Steps to a Smooth Closing and find out. It’s easier than you think!

Real Estate Links

Need to do some research your home or the homes around yours? Check out the sites below:

Zillow – Uses public records to display values and make pricing predictions. A good way to look up comps for your appraisal.

Credit Links

Get an estimation of your credit before you start the loan process.

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