Renew You

The notary who will be assisting you with signing loan documents will require a copy of your valid state issued drivers license or other state or federally issued photo identification. Make sure it is not expired, otherwise get it updated immediately.

Understand Before You Commit

It is very important you understand what you are signing before you meet with the notary at the closing table. Review the copy of the mortgage note, closing statement and deed of trust that we send to you. Any questions you may have, it is best for you to ask before your closing appointment.

Check It Before You Wreck it

Before you sign each page check to make sure your name is spelt correctly, your social security digits are correct and your vesting is accurate. We do everything we can to eliminate errors before you even sign the first page, but accidents do happen.

Time to Sign

Your time with the notary should only range between 30-45 minutes. If you are vesting in a trust or have more than 6 syllables in your name it may take a bit longer

Whose John Hancock?

Sign the documents exactly the way they have your name printed (John A. Wildner, not John Wildner) The bank routinely compares your signature on the various closing documents you sign with the initial application that were submitted. now is not the time to change how you sign your name.

Show Me The Money

If applicable, the amount of money needed to close escrow will be located on line number 303 of the Estimated Closing Statement. This amount needs to come from a bank account you have previously disclosed during the loan process. You can either wire the funds or provide a cashiers check to the title company. Be sure to reference your name on the memo line.

Box Your Docs

The notary will give you a large stack of awkwardly sized documents . Use the USB we provided you to scan and save these documents. As a back up, we routinely keep a copy of your mortgage note, deed, and final closing statement on our secure cloud Box account.

Know Your Taxes

Anytime financing is used in the purchase or refinancing of your home or investment property, you will need your final closing statement come tax time. With your permission we will forward the closing statement to your CPA or tax preparer.


You are not alone. Need help at the closing table? Call me at 818 414 0505